Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Dear judge, i'm guilty.
Yes. this was an utter impulse buy and yes, i didn't need another bag. More specifically, another black bag. But last saturday morning I went out with my Friend, I was wondering trough my little town shops, I had just heard some very annoying news..you feel me right? What could possibly be a better pick-me-up than a nice, brand new purse. I spotted this with the corner of my eye, standing alone in a very small shop window. 

I rushed into the shop, litterally grabbed this little number from the show case and straight away bought it.
Yes, yes it was this violent, but just look at it. I absolutely adore the very clean, simple design and the very geometric, almost working feel this bag has. The skin is obviously fake, but feels very soft and opaque. The gold detail is wat really got me -i just think is beautiful and feels so luxurious and modern. I just love how it looks as a shoulder bag, but this polyherdic number can be also used as a clutch bag in the evening.
It has three compartments so it's perfect for OCD kinda Gals like me (the Virgo Style, yeah) and for keeping everything organized and in place. Also is very much safe, as it closes in multiple ways.
I can definitely see myself rocking this bad girl during Itatube in a few weeks, both for Press and Fangirl moments. Maybe paired with a black outfit and this accessories? Stay tuned to see.

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