Monday, 10 March 2014


In my defense, I just wanted to point out that i needed this stuff. Well at least some of it.
I just joined my mum into my local shopping center and this happened. Also, if you've been captivated by the word Spring in the title, I will suggest you to skip to the skincare section, as the make I bought is not quite spring-ish. Oh and if you're wandering what flavour is the candle i added in my jazzy photo arrangement, i'm pretty sure it's the White Gardenia amazingness I featured in my Last Candle Haul .
MAKE UP: Make up wise i just visited one shop, and oh la la, what a surprise, is KIKO again. First of all, I spoiled myself with a new brush. Now, I already have two angled brushes. BUT. The first I use to put on gel liner, the second to smudge eyeshadows.. I needed one for my new addiction: eyebrows. This one is number 204 from KIKO. I've tried it the other day, and have to say is pretty amazing. I then bought two eyeshadows, number 122 and 175. Click here to see a picture I shot in daylight, so that you can see the exact colors. They are both satin to matte finish, and two amazing shades of warm toned gray. I've already used them to create a red carpet-glamorous smokey eye,with a hint of brown in the crease and they look gorgeous. Lastly i got this Rougj extra volume mascara, from my favourite skincare pharmacy. It is actually very good, parabene free and all that jazz, but surprise surprise,they were launching it, and selling it for a quarter of the price. A true bargain, i'd say.
SKINCARE: Now, if you guys follow my blog, or my twitter, or worse, are my friends in real life, you certainly know about my obsession for skincare. It all started last year with a certain Anna lady on youtube, and now, I've arrived to a point where every single euro I have ends up spent in moisturisers&co. Especially now, that I found the most amazing pharmacy that sells ALL THE THINGS, from Nuxe to Bioderma.. excuse the caps lock action there, but the excitement is real. So, i was desperately in need for a new moisturiser, as my skin recently has been going trough a very dry phase, I am considering changing my whole skincare routine, but for now, I started from the moisturiser: I was lost in the shop looking for the best hyper hydrating miracle for super dry skin as i bumped into the Bioderma Moisturising Cream for Dehydrate and Sensitive skin. Now. I've started using it and it is as amazing as it sounds.  I'll definitely talk about it soon, so watch this space if you're interested! And to pick up my skin even more i also got this La Roche Posay Soothing and Rehydrating mask. Sounds really good, haven't used it yet. Don't worry, when I do, you'll be the first to know ;)

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