Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Nail Pick | The Italian Chick

It's that time of the week again. Your red nailpolish has almost compleately vanished. It's all chipped, and looking miserable. Time for a change, simple as that. Well, actually not so simple if you -like me- belong to the category of the morbid nail laquer shopper, and own a massive collection. Firts step is picking a color category. This time i'm gone all vampy with a darken selection, with a special and bright guest star.
From left to right:
New York Color in Midtown Mink, a deep dark maroon color.
Chanel le Vernis in Paradoxal, a mud brown with a purply undertone and tiny purple shimmers
KIKO in number 816, a very intense muddy-grey-ish colour. (great vocabulary there)
Essie in Trophy Wife, a deep Teal pearl polish suitable for both summer and spring.
KIKO number 303. I guess this one is hard to see on the nails in the picture, but you can get a close idea from the look it has in the bottle. If you want to use this platinum-glittery polish by its own, you'll need to go a bit coats wild. You'll need almost four of them. If you don't wanna overpack your nails, you can help the polish stand out better with a color underneath. The kiko muddy one is perf.

And that's it for today. I really should make up my mind an finally pick a color. Or else i can rock the 'all-different-nail' look. As you do. Thanks so much for reading, and i'll speak to you soon! Bye, meg x

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