Monday, 20 January 2014


Today we're starting my new KIKO series.
The first topic we're gonna discuss is Concealer. I'm a hudge concealer lover. Even when i'm not wearing make up, concealer is something i always wear; it was also one of the first make up items i ever bought, along with blusher. It really is that little something that's able to change your face from a tenner to a million dollars. During the last few years i've been able to try a lot of concealers, as i don't like repurchasing the same one over and over. I like to jazz things up a bit and experiment. I live life on the edge, i know.
Back to the point, KIKO offers many different formulas and texture concealers. I've tried all of them, and one i'm also using at the moment. But we'll get there later.

  • Natural Concealer; let's start with a classic. This little tube contains a very liquidy concealer, with a creamy texture and a luminous finish. The packaging is your boxstandard one. The color range is quite good, and also includes a green-ish number to cover up any blemishes and red spots. It's light to medium coverage and hipoallergenic\ Parabene Free. It's very cheap: £ 5.50.  I'll give this 8\10.

  • Skin Evolution Concealer: This little boy is the newest member of the KIKO range. It's a stick corrector with a creamy consistency and a matte finish. It's a high coverage foundation and lasts a long time -it's heat,water and humidity resistant.  The color range of this is amazing, from the palest skin to the darkest skin color -actually has been tested on multiple types of complexion. Hypoallergenic-Parabene free. The pricing is the same as the previous one. I advice using this on spots and to conceal areas of the face instead of using it under your eyes, as the rich consistancy makes it crease quite alot. Also be carefull to pick the right color, as they can turn out looking a bit orangy. It's £ 5.50. Despite the good idea, i'm gonna give this product a 6\10.
  • Colour Correction Concealer Wheel: This product can be quite tempting to buy at first sight. The packaging is lovely and professional looking, and contains 5 shades (ok, i'm not gonna comment on there) of correctors: A green for blemishes+ a purple for dull skintypes+ Creamy Highlighter + Beige concealer + Dark brown concealer.Although the colors could seem quite intimidating in the palette, i promess they're gonna suit almost everyone once blended. I like the formula, quite mousse-ish and very natural once blended. I think for the price - £12.00- it's definitely worth a try. I'll give this 8\10.

  • Soft Focus Concealer: And here we have another dupe for the ever so famous YSL Touche Eclat stick. In my opinion, this is a very nice cheap alternative. The packaging is absolutely identical, apart from the fact that it's silver instead of gold, and the product is very similar too: it has a very light creamy consistency with tiny sparkles and it's extreamely moisturising. Out of all the KIKo range this is my favourute under-eye concealer. The only problem you may find with this is that it provides a light coverage, so it's not for you if you suffer from very accentuate dark undereyes. You can still buy this and use it to highlight the rest of your face, like cheekbones, upper lip, bridge of the nose etc. The color range is quite small though, consisting in only 4 shades. It is £7.50. Although the packaging is not always working perfectly, i'll give this 9/10. i love it.
  • Full Coverage Concealer: This is the concealer i'm using at the moment, and a product i keep repurchasing. I always come back to this super high coverage number. Its formula is creamy and rich, and could seem a bit oily at first: just a quick note -i only use this on my face, as a corrector, it's way too oily and heavy for undereyes purposes and it creases even after pressed powder. It's great on the rest of the face tho, and once you powder your face, it stays put all day. I like to apply it after my foundation and with the same sponge (or a brush) on the bridge of my nose, the sides of my nose, upper lip, and chin to even out my complexion a bit and also to highlight a bit, as i use the lighter shade, number 001. The price of this is £7.50.Maybe a great dupe for the Bobby Brown corrector..? Definitely give this one a go. I'll give this 9/10.      (i'm including my picture only for this one because that's the only one i'm currently using. )

That is it for today Guys.
Regular blogging will resume tomorrow, and then there'll be another KIKO related post.
Hope you liked it, i'd love to hear your feedback.
Thanks so much, Byee x

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