Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I Got for Christmas - Beauty Edit | The Italian Chick

Hello there! How are we all doing?
Have you guys had a good Christmas Time? I hope so. Mine was pretty nice, filled with food, festive joy and lots of present giving..and of course receiving. Among all the amazing stuff i have been lucky enough to receive, i got quite a few beauty bits. I thought i'd share those with ya'll. Some of them i've already tryed, so i can also quickly review. Let's get cracking!

 Let's start with these beauties. I received four Nailpolishes. 
Three are from KIKO and one from Essie.
I'm quite familiar with KIKO nailpolishes: they're quite cheap, have an unbelievable color range to pick up from and last a fair amount of days paired with a good topcoat. The colors i've got here are absolutely stunners, and really intense, even after only one coat. (Number 825/809/816).
The Essie one is really a showstopper. We all know it's gonna look amazing. (Number 97 Trophy Wife)

Look at these. My Auntie picked up the most amazing eyeshadow selection for me.
From left to right: Number 178 is a super deep Black with multicolored sparkles. Ah.
Number 124 is an amazing Taupe, slightly irridescent. Blended in the crease for an extra sophisticated look. 
..Paired with 130 an amazing matte Butter color.

Here's a little game for you.. spot the lip product.
From left to right, we have KIKO supergloss in 116, a nice shimmery peach. (perfect for summer!)
KIKO Ultra Glossy Sylo spf 15 in 815, an amazing Mauve color.
(here's the link for the swatches )
And KIKO pencil lip gloss in 05. I love these. Formula and packaging!

And of course, I've got some Lush bits from my Chumster Chiara.
This year she's gone for a huge piece of Snow Fairy scented soap. I can still smell it right now, even if it's standing in his box on the other side of the room. 

You know how i feel about Lush's policy. Their shampoos are unbelievably green. They don't have plastic packaging, and last at least 80 washes. Plus they smell amazing, and they look like massive macaroons. This one is Jumping Juniper, and smells like Lavender and Lime. Soo good.

And last but not least, my Auntie gave me this amazing Revlon gift set. It contained an extra black eye pencil and the Photoready £D Volume mascara. I absolutely loved the pouch it came in, so luxurious, ipm definitely going to be reusing it. Plus, i love Revlon make up. And needed a new mascara and New pencil.
This is a winner!


Annnnnnd that's it guys! Hope this gave you some inspo on how to splurge your Christmas savings on beauty and make up! As usual, thanks so much for reading, it means a lot. Hope you are all having an amazing life, i guess i'll talk to you again in the new year! So happy New Year, let's make it a good one! Byeee
 Meg x

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