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This week we're gonna take a break from Blogmas, and focus on beauty things again. Last week's post featured an appearance of my H&M Face MasksSince then a lot of real life (and internet) people started to ask me about these, because they're easy to find (come on, everyone has an H&M shop near their household!), very cheap, and they look very fun to try.I've been intruduced to these quite lately, by the ever so famous Gaia. She has the most amazing collection, and has tryed almost all of them. Plus, she has opinions. So, for this week's post i've asked for her collaboration to create the ultimate H&M face masks review. So sit, relax, grub a cuppa..and let's start.

A quick disclaimer: These masks are very different one to another, and they work for very different purposes. For this reason the Ingredient list (INCI) changes everytime. I've been reading them, and some are good, some aren't. I will note the particularly good ones, and mark the worst ones.
Moreover, every skintype is different. We've tryed them on our skin..but you may not have the same result.
Be sure to try some of it on the back of your hand before you apply it all over your face, to avoid bad mistakes. All masks can be applyed with a brush or just with your fingertips avoiding eyes and lip area. You leave them for 10-15 minutes, the rince with water. They all are 1.95€ (0.99£ \ 0.99 $ )

Rich Chocolate moisturising mask:  this very thick mask leaves your skin soft, moisturised and very very smooth. It smells like real life chocolate, not artificial at all. It's quite fun to put on, but also very heavy. Overall, it's a good one.
*The INCI is almost perfect.

Olive Oil Deep Cleansing Mud Mask: This very dense mask hasn't the most amazing color not smell at all. It goes on quite nicely anyways, and when it dries it does not compleately dry out your skin. It leaves your skin opaque, and evens out any discoloration of your face.
*The INCI is good.

Cinnamon & Argan Oil revitalising mask: This mask has the ultimate gloomy consistency. Moreover, if you don't like cinnamon, you won't be able to stand its smell. It needs to be applyed with your hands, as it melts with the warmth of your fingertips. Also, it contains Argan Oil. The skin looks more radiant, but we don't see how this product can be considered revitalizing. 
*The INCI is good.

Warm Exfoliating Sugar Scrub: This is the only mask that can be used only once, because before you apply it you need to place the whole sachet in warm water for 1 min. You then apply it on your face avoiding sensitive areas, you leave it for 10 min, massage gently and then rince with water. This has one of the most amazing smells ever. The skin looks very smooth and clean afterwards.

Dead Sea Mineral Mask: If you've got combination skin, this is the right mask for you. It mattifies your skin, minimizes the pores and moisturizes your skin. It looks like mud, and smells like it.
It can dry out your skin while it's on, but the gain is worth the pain. Not adviced for dry skin.

Brown Algae Youth Mask: This one has the consistency of a regular moisturiser. It is perfect after a day by the sea, or in the snow. So, suitable for quite stressed skin. It's quite hard to take off, especially if you're looking for fresh, clean skin after you apply a mask. Overall, it's not bad at all.

Pomegranate and Passion Fruit Peel Off Mask: When you first see it, it looks like hair gel. The color is amazing: bright hot pink. It dries out your skin quite slowly, but can dry out your skin a lot while it's on. It's very easy to remove, since it's peel off. It leaves the skin very smooth, even, and exfoliate.

Blueberry Burst Nourishing Mask: This very dense, light lilac cream looks and smells exactly like a smoothie. Leaves your skin extreamely refreshed, smooth and clean. You'll feel regenerated, and young. It's perfect for winter.

Raspberry Smoothie Pore Cleansing Mask: Like the previous one, this smells and looks exactly like a raspberry smoothie. Hence the name. This is a personal favourite of mine. The smell is amazing, ( the ingredients are all sorts of fruit), and it leaves the skin refreshed, clean and very very soft. This is a winner.
Perfet sleep-over mask.
*The INCI is ok.

Coconut Water Moisture Mask:  This is quite an oily one. The smell feels not very natural at all. I'm not a big fan of the result, maybe because i don't have very dry skin, as it leaves my face quite oily.
On a brighter note, the INCI is very very good.

Pear and Melon Calming Mask: This is a winner after a very buisy day in the sun. It's very refreshing and calming. Smells amazing and relaxing. It leaves the skin very soft, but can be quite oily after you take it off. There's no need for moisturiser afterwards tho. This one really does the job.

Zesty Lime energizing Mask: This one is perfect for summer. It has a very watery consistence. Overall, adviced for oily to combination skin, because it can dry you out very much. The smell is very fresh and Zesty, and it really is a quick, energizing trick to pumper you up after a stressful day. Leaves your skin clean, fresh and awake.
*The INCI is good.

Dragon Fruit Polishing Mask: This pink, fluid sweet smelling face mask will exfoliate you face gently, and leave it fresh and fruit-scented. This is not hard to take off, however i find it leaves quite a lot of residues behind. It's a nice pampering mask, although it doesn't seem to improve my skin very much.

Orange Peel Off Mask: This peel off mask, is very similar to the Pomegranate and Passion Fruit one, in terms of consistency and effect. The main difference is that it's orange and smells like an orange. What a surprise!
* Ouch! the INCI is not at all good!

Rhubarb and Lingonberry Face Mask: This is also a Peel Off one. Smells very natural, and has the consistancy of a gel. A small amount takes a long way. It can be quite harsh on sensitive skin. Due to it being a peel off mask there was no mess and it was easy to get it all off without leaving little bits behind.

It leaves skin feeling smooth as well as clean.*The INCI is not so good.


And that's all for today. Uff, this one was a though one to do! so a MASSIVE thanks to my friend Gaia ( tumblr:  for being so lovely and sweet (and silly)! I owe you! And to you guys, i reaally do hope you found it usefull! As usual, let me know because i really love your feedback. I'll talk to you very soon! 
Meg x

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