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Christmas Yankee Candle Haul | Blogmas 2013

Ho Ho Ho!
It's the 4th of December, and you know what that means. I'ts officially that time of the year in which it is (almost) legitimate to get excited for Christmas. So i've got my Michael Buble Christmas album playing in the background, i'm wearing cosy pijamas, and my favourite scented candle's setting the festive mood in my bedroom. Now, i just wanted to point out that Christmas for me and my family does is the best time of the whole year. And since when it arrives it just lasts a couple of days, what i like to do to make the Festive spirit last longer, is to do all things Christmassy from the start of December, untill the actual Christmas day.
So basically the idea behind my 'Blogmas' (which for the peeps out there is Blogging+Christmas), is to share with you all my Festive goods, from beauty to fashion to some cute diy i might do during the month of December, to Christmas music and food, to obvs Presents. 
Now, i personally believe one of the most amazing things to set the mood during the Festive period, is a good scented candle. Since i've discovered that one of my hometown's home decor shop sells Yankee Candles, i went a bit cray cray. And since i might as well buy some as presents for my friends and family (hint), i just wanted to buy a couple of new scents to try out. 
So that's what i'm sharing with you today!

I've managed to take some pictures of them just after buying them, because i knew i wanted to burn them as soon as possible. So now that i've tried them i can guarantee that although they may seem quite small, they last a fair amount of hours. The sizes i got are called Votive Candles or Sampler, and Wax Melts. Votive candles ( the bigger ones) are made to compleately melt, so they need to be burned in a glass candle holder. They melt untill 15 hours, and it's better to melt them in small separate periods (like 3 hours or so) rather than just to burn them all in one go, as they might last a little bit longer. The Wax melt instead, needs an oil diffuser thingy to be used. So you better get one of those. It is super intense tho!
Now let's go into detail, shall we.

So i thought i might as well start with my favourite candle scent EVER. Ladies and Gentlemans i present you Fireside Treats. Once again i wish blogs also had a smell feature, because smells are hard to describe, this one particularly hard. First of all i'd like to point out that the name is the cutest thing, and that the picture is very much appropriated. Ah, the effort they put in such things.
It basically smells sweet like Marshmallows, but it's not as simple as that. Nope, because it's not a Marshmallow scented candle..this one smells of a marshmallow toasted to gooey perfection. 'You'll almost hear the laughter and singing, and feel the joy of a night around the campfire with family friends. But there'll be no need to lick the sticky remains from your fingers!, Thanks Yankee Candle fragrance caption.
It is basically Winter Wonderland in a candle, so if you have the chance just go and give it a smell.

Ok, let's try to lower the level of excitement here. This next little one is Spiced Orange. I picked this because i was a bit carried away by all the spices. This one in particular smells like a Cloves-covered  orange, as you can easily tell from the picture. It has a nice, spicy but not sweet winter scent, made out by an amazing blend of sweet orange, clove, ginger and cinnamon.

This other number is definitely going to be repurchased in full-size pretty soon: it's Honey & Spice.
This lovely warm, wintery scent is made out by a fine blend of flower nectar, honey musk and spices.
Its smells AH-MAZING. It's just so sweet, rich and luxurious, and i love it.. as you can probably tell by now.

This last one is not a Votive candle, it's actually a Wax Melt, in the scent Home Sweet Home.
This particular one was one of my mum's picks, because she absolutely loves cinnamon.
This is really strong for me, but if you like cinnamon smell, than i guess you'll love it. On the Yankee Candle site i also discovered that it doesn't contain only Cinnamon Oils. It also includes baking spices, and a hint of freshly poured tea. Definitely go and give it a sniff! And oh, the picture it comes with, and the name.. it's just too cute for me to handle.


So, that's it for today's Blogmas post!
I hope you like it, and hope you'll like the idea of Blogmas as well.
If you don't celebrate Christmas, i hope you can just appreciate the festive spirit, and if you don't like this time of the year.. i'm sorry. Ahah thanks so much again for all your support, it means everything!
I'll talk to you very soon! have a nice life, Meg x

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