Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Yankee Candle Haul #2 | The Italian Chick

Hello there my little red nose reindeers!
Today i have been so buisy studying the whole morning and afternoon, that i've decided to go out in the evening to breathe some fresh (Christmas) Air.
So, I went out to Town. I guess you know what that means!
I bought Candles. This time I wanted to buy a full size-massive-jar jobby, in my favourite winter scent, that is Fireside treats. Later on in the shop i found out that it was not only my favourite, as it had totally disappeared from the counter. So instead of buying a whole jar of a scent i wasn't even fond of, i went for the sampler again, to try out new scents. That's what i came up with!

  • Lemon Lavender: first buddy i got is this Lemon Lavender one. It is not the most Christmassy of scents, but i can assure you that it smells lovely ( i'm not even talking about how cute the lilac candle and the yellow tag look toghether.). Soothing and sweet lavender comes together with tangy lemon citrus to create a fresh blend that's clean and inviting. The combination of two classic fragrances offers the opportunity to enjoy the flower's coveted scent in a fresh, new way.  

  • Season of Peace: this little one is the only festive scent i've allowed in today's shopping. I'm naturally fascinated by white candles, that smell like sweet-but not too much- and clean and cosy home. It smells like winter's snowfall, and its cool enchanting white musk blend makes it the perfect Christmas Eve scent. 
  • Turquoise Sky: last but not least, i picked up this little blue number. Now, i guess i should have figured by the blue color, or by the image of the sea on the tag that this one is considered like a perfect summer-holiday-beach house scent. In my defense i can say that i absolutely love the look of the sea in winter, and that it smells unbelievable. I'm gonna quote the Yankee website because i could not describe this smell better: 'Calm, salty air with hints of sea grass and musk, float gently on ocean waves . . . off on an adventure beneath a bright blue sky.'
And that was it for this post. I really do love Yankee Candles, i think they're the best, and such a treat. Hope you like them as much as i love reviewing them. As always let me know, and thanks so much for reading and sharing. Oh, i forgot something.
To all of you my best wishes for a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have the best one! Meg x

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