Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Haul! | Blogmas 2013

Hello there lovely people! 
So, how are we doing? I hope everyone's feeling amazing.
Well, I do! Because it's Christmas, i got overboard, and i bought things.
I guess those are not very exciting for you to see, apart from a couple of beauty bits..but you know what, it's Blogmas here on The Italian Chick, so if i'm buying a Christmas jumper, the world needs to know. (maybe).
As a disclaimer, i just wanted to point out that there's a theme running trough this Haul, and nope, it's not only Christmas things. It's Red. But since i'm all festive and that, and i love a bit of Taylor Swift, i'm not really bothered by the color scheme of the following pictures.

 Yes. I just bought Michael Bubl√© 's Christmas Album. And it's on repeat. And i'm so very pleased about it.

I bought red velvety pijamas, from Hue. They're just so soft, confy and worm. They have a very big flat elastic on the hips, so they don't do up with strings, that sometimes can be quite annoying, expecially when you're sleeping. And they're Red. 

These are my new socks, also from Hue. I just loved the fact that they're festive, yet absolutely beautiful and very good quality. The color match is beautiful: i love the combination between ashy blue and bright red. They're so thick and warm that you're never gonna wanna take them off.

And obviously, no Christmassy haul would be completed without a Christmas Jumper.
This year i bought mine from H&M. They had such a good selection of patterns and colors, that i wanted to take home all of them. In the end i've decided to buy this bright red number. The snowflakes got me guys.

Just to point out, nope, i have not forgotten that this blog was meant to be based on beauty and skincare.
So i guess i'm gonna stick with my environnement, and talk you a bit more in detail trought these last few bits.
Recently i've been to my friend Gaia's house (you may remember her from last week's post) and after a lovely sunday roast we talked all things beauty. At some point she introduced me to her vaste collection of H&M Face Masks. I was very fascinated by all the different types and flavours, -and i must admit, i was also capturaded by the colorfull packaging- that i decided to give them a go. They're very cheap (1.95 € , somewhere near one pound fifty) , so to get started i've decided to buy two:
I went for Coconut Water Moisture Mask and for the Raspberry Smoothie Pore Cleansing Mask.
I've only tried the coconut one once, so to give a full review, i just wanted to wait to try out more and for a longer period of time. Don't worry, a blog post(maybe featuring Gaia, the expert?) will arrive soon.
One thing i really did try is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder you can spot in the right corner.
I use the clear one, in the shade 001 Transparent. There's not much to say: it's my favourite drugstore pressed powder. It does what it says what it says on the lid: it's long lasting, controls the shine and minimie the appereance of pores. I bloody love it.

And that's it for today guys! As always i hope you liked, and thanks so much for all that you do!
If you're not very keen on this kind of useless blogposts, don't worry, a beauty one will be featured very soon! I'll see you in a bit, take care!
Meg x

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