Friday, 29 November 2013

November Favourites!

Oh Hello there!
I know, we're all a bit shocked. Three posts in two weeks? Really Meg? Yes, it is real, it is happening.
And that's not because i've had a lot of free time. It's the opposite: This week i've had a billion things to do.
I guess when you're doing it all, you just can't stop ( à la Miley). Thats why instead of sleeping like a log, I'm here writing about this months' Beauty favourites!
These include things that I got a while ago, things that I found in my beauty stash, and recent buys of mine.
It's all kind of jazz. Let's get started then.

From left to right, the first thing you spot is a misterious Lush envelope. I won't tell you what it contains, because it's private, and i'm not dat kinda person. Okey jokes aside, I will not describe the content just because it contains nothing, I wasn't able to pick just one thing between all my recent Lush buys. So the yellow number to the left is here to represent the whole Lush experience. Let's just say this past month I've been going to lush quite alot, and I've tryed so many things, that i ended up updating my whole skincare and shower routine. I just love it, and it's amazing how the benefits of using hand made-genuine-natural-supernicesmelly products just show immedialtely.
To the side of my favourite scented candle,caramelized apple, you spot something you might have seen before. It's Rimmel Match perfection light perfecting radiance foundation, with SPF18; mine's in the color 200 Soft Beige. Despite the annoingly long name, this is the best drugstore foundation ever, hands down.
At lest between the ones i've tryied. I know it's a big statement to make, but i've been using it for two months now, and it blends soo nicely,the color match is amazing ( well.), it's very moisturising, glowy, perfect, i love it.
And then, comes the star of the show. This one really is a showstopper: is Dior Le Vernis in Tuxedo.
This is a present I got on my 18th birthday from some of my dearest friends. I don't use it that much during the summer, because i find this deep metal blue is a bit dark for the sunny months. But as it gets colder, i always come back to this because i absolutely love it. I have to say it is mega expensive for a naipolish, but the packaging is just so luxurious, the brush makes things so easy for you, and the color. Oh. 
It's so stunning that it deserves a close up. You're welcome.

Last thing on the extreme right, is a gel liner. This is Essence high precision waterproof gel liner in 01 Midnight in Paris. Aside from the cute name, this gel liner is so cheap, (i think 2,50£ - 3.50€), and it just does the job amazingly. Moreover I got mine last year, and it still works very well, and has not turned all glumpy and dry yet. I also own a green one, and i have to say it does the same good job.

My final selection is quite cute to look at and girly. And color coordinated. No, my OCD has nothing to do with this picture. Ehm.
I guess everyone's going mad about these recently: They're the Maybelline Babylips! The orange one is Cherry Me, and obviously smells like cherry and it's tinted red. The following is my all time favourite smell: Passion fruit. It's called Pink Punch, and it gives your lips a subtle wash of pink. The last one is not tinted, but very much more moisturising, and it also has spf25. It's called Fresh Mint. Guess the smell..?
And last but not least, this tool has changed my hair. And my life.
It's the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler. You can't easily get it here in Italy, so i actually got it in Germany on holiday. I know, to yourself it's just a hairbrush, but trust you've used it, you totally get what all the fuss is about: it gives pain-free detangling on either wet or dry hair, and polishes your hair making them super shiny and swishy. Plus is cute looking. What are you waiting for, then? 

And that's it for today! As always thanks so much for your support, it means the world!
Keep following for more (: Lots of love, Meg x

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